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Amazon Is Over

This page was about helping people find American (USA) products through the Amazon Search API.

Due to technical issues with Amazon and the Amazon policy we decided Amazon is not really interested in helping us (me) help-you find American products.

Additionally, Amazon does not enforce; "Made In America", "Made In USA" labeling for products. We discovered Amazon product sellers can (and do) tag products as "Made In USA" even though products are made over-seas or in South America. ( or other non-USA-Countries ).

Finding American (USA) products should not be a challenge for anyone living in the USA. However, the unfortunate reality is that "Made in USA" is difficult to discern even from USA Manufacturers.

Therefore we have removed all Amazon links from our site in order to focus on Manufacturers that make it easy to tell where their products are made and to provide you with more accurate coverage of the "Made In USA" movement.

We hope by taking this action that others will be encouraged to find Amazon alternatives for USA products; such as buying directly from USA Creators and Manufacturers which are actually in the USA.

So, while we find alternatives to Amazon, please use our "Products Search" page.

The search feature only searches manufactuers I know have 100% "Made In USA" products. However, please keep in mind our search feature crawls the entire manufacturer website and some manufacturers have products made in more than one country.

Search USA Manufacturers