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About Made In America

The Good Stuff.

The "Made In America Great Again! (The Good Stuff.)" campaign is about finding and promoting American manufacturers and creators who did not move to China, Mexico, or other country for product production. We believe American products made in the U.S.A. are best in the world.


We started this project because it has become increasingly difficult to find USA only products mixed in with billions of products from other countries. Additionally, some U.S.A. manufacturers create products over-seas and in America; making it harder to identify which products are explicitly USA made.

Corporate America

We don't see large corporations; WalMart, Amazon, Google and others promoting U.S.A. made products first. Don't get me wrong, WalMart has a huge "America At Work" campaign but no actual products listed on the campaign page. In fact, at the time of this writing; if you type "Made In USA" in the WalMart search bar you get redirected to the American At Work page. Overall, trying to find USA only products on any major shopping website is difficult if possible.

Change The Narrative

We hope to change the narrative by working with large corporations (and individuals) to collect and aggregate data for U.S.A. products which is then presented in an easy-to-read format here on

Americans First

We believe Americans come first! Keeping Americans employed making products in the U.S.A. is important to our country, our economy and our children's future. We are attempting to do our part by promoting products exclusively made in the U.S.A.

Join Us

Please join us on this journey by checking our website for products and making suggestions about manufacturers to add to our expanding list. Start Here.