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If you need help with our website and your help question is not already answered below; please email us with your questions here:

Q. We like your website how can we support your efforts?

A1. Donate. Cash is king when it comes to keeping the computers on. So, please email us for more details.

A2. Contribute! Researching and finding "Made In The USA" products is a tedious; time-consuming, task. If you have time; please do research and send us the details.

Q. How do I unsubscribe from a mailing list?

A. Unsubscribe by clicking the "unsubscribe" link that appears at the bottom your subscription email message. Additionally you can directly submit your unsubscribe information at to be removed from ALL mailing lists.

Q. The list of manufacturers is short, why?

A. We are adding manufacturers and creators all the time. If you don't see a "Made In The USA" manufacturer listed please e-mail us with the details and we'll review for addition to our list. As for why: Many manufacturers have moved productions to China, we don't list them on our website. So, please help us identify those creators, manufacturers, and individuals that still remain in the U.S.A.

Q. How do we get listed on your website?

A. If you are a "Made In USA" creator or manufacturer and wish to have products listed on our website please submit your request via email shown on our contact page: Contact Us

Q. Why do all your product links direct us to third-party sites?

A. This website is a data consolidation website designed to get you directly to a U.S.A. product. Therefore, nearly all of our links are outbound to creators, manufacturers, and affiliate web sties. We do not currently do direct sales on this website.

Q. We sent an email but no response was received; why?

A. We do our best to respond to legitimate requests but sometimes we may miss an email that was mistaken for SPAM. Please try again. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to email messages for which the content is clearly aimed at solicitation of USA Creators for unwanted products or services.

Q. A copyright issue was found on your website what do we do?

A. We take copyright infringement seriously. However, keep in mind that we simply display data provided by third-parties. If you think there is a copyright issue on our website it is also an issue on the third-party website. So, please let us know and we will remove any links with copy-right issues.

Q. How do I search for a specific product on your website?

A. Internet Search link to do full internet serch of manufacturer sites.

Q. Can I join USA Creators Organization?

A. We currently do not have a membership program or membership directory. To get your product(s) listed simply send us a request to talk about what you need. Please take a moment to view one or more examples of our new feature called creator pages here: Creators because the creator pages may also be an additional option for you.

Q. How do I return a product I purchased from your website?

A. We do not do any direct selling, therefore, do not accept returns for products purchased from third-party web sites. If you purchased a product from a link on our website you will need to contact the third-party for returns.

If you have had a bad shopping experience we want to know! We want our users to have positive shopping experiences and any third-party not providing quality and service to our users will be removed and de-list from our website. It's important to let us know; please do.

Q. Can I buy direct from USA Creators?

A. Currently No. If you have a need for U.S.A. product acquisition beyond the scope of our website please contact us to see if we can make arrangements to help you get the product and services you need.

Q. Why don't post comments display?

A. Rest assured your comments will be submitted and reviewed. However, we don't display comments because current options for displaying (and managing) comment systems are not fast enough and slow the viewing experience and your reading pleasure.

Q. How to get a "Creators Page" on USA Creators?

A. Currently we do not have an automated sign up process. So, simply send us an email to to provide the details of your request. Please note: this is a manual review process and we are not able to instantly respond.