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About USA Creators highlights and features products made by American creators which produce and sell products for people of the U.S.A.

Featured products are from U.S.A. manufacturers. However, we also feature products from individual American creators. is a product promotion website. We dig through the internet for American made products and consolidate information as a simple user-friendly website.

Our Goals

Our goal is to consolidate information for the purpose of getting you (the user) to view products explicitly made in the U.S.A. Additionally, to promote American creators on our website, by request; regardless of product placement.

Creators do not need to have products listed on our website to be promoted through

About Advertising

We prefer to minimize advertising to keep your product search simple and distraction free.

Ad Blockers

If you cannot view content on this website please "white-list" in your "safe-advertisers" list if you are using ad-blocking browser add-ins / plug-ins.

Terms Of Use

By using our website you acknowledge that, as a product promotion website, features products, services, and links which are indeed advertisements.

By clicking on any third party or affiliate link you acknowledge you being redirected to product / information page(s) of third party website(s) is a feature of website.

You also agree that does not have any control over third-party "Made In The USA" labeling and you accept that third-party labeling may not be 100% accurate and is the sole responsibility of the third-party creator(s). However, we do our best to review for accuracy of "Made In America" labeling but make no guarantees of labeling accuracy.

Please notify of any feedback about this website or products featured herein. Please use the "Contact Us" link for any feedback or issues with anything you see on our website.


USA Creators is a affiliate website and all links, promotion, offers etc ... are for third party websites and products for which we get paid when you make a purchase. We however do NOT get paid, or compensated for product reviews or product placements.